HAYALI BAY - Jounieh Kaslik,Lebanon


Geographical Location

Jounieh, Kaslik Lebanon is geographically located 16 km north of Beirut, Lebanon. It is known as the coastal citysince it is surrounded with seaside resorts and bustling nightlife, as well as its old stone souk, ferry port, paragliding site and gondola lift which takes passengers up the mountain to the shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa.



As Jounieh has grown into a densely built-up area of high-rise buildings, hotels and large resorts, Hayali Group was able to create a remarkable project and an astounding destination called Hayali Bay.  With its marvelous scenery, tropical palm trees and a stunning setting by the beach, tourists all over the world are in astonished upon spending their vacation. With highly standardized services and professional staff, Hayali Bay is a perfect place to stay.



Guest Rooms are well designed and equipped with high end materials that sooths a delicate ambiance. Variety of delectable dishes are as well visible in the restaurant. Swimming pool is as well accessible wherein valued guests can relax while gazing the tremendous view of the scenery.

Hayali Bay caters as well a diverse classification of memorable events, gatherings or any special occasions in their function hall. It is indeed an exceptional destination to luxuriate one’s self.



  • Miss Universe Tourism 2016
    Miss Universe Tourism was successfully inaugurated in Jounieh, Lebanon last September, 2016. Hayali Bay is one of the major sponsors of the said event. Accommodating 40 gorgeous young delegates worldwide is a great opportunity to strengthen good camaraderie internationally.

  • Walk with Al Younbouh
    Hayali Suites together with Hayali Bay are the major sponsors of the charity event last 10th of May, 2015. The said event was organized by Al Younbouh Rehabilitation Center as one of their several fund raising projects which also serve to raise awareness of the center. It is such a great honor to witness and to be a part of the joyous memorable event

  • Falcon Films Press Conference

    Falcon Films launched their press conference for their newest movie at Hayali Bay along with famous movie stars.

  • Ferrari Showcase

    Ferrari show off their recent car models at Hayali Bay.

  • Jounieh Water Show
    Hayali Bay is an exemplary place with its magnificent scenery by the beach to cater the Jounieh Water Show event wherein tourists from all over the world rode on their jet ski and enjoyed the spectacular beauty of the beach under the amazing rays of the sun.


Our Location

  • Jounieh - Kaslik - Lebanon
Weather Forecast
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Plenty of sunshine. High 31C. Winds WSW at 15 to 25 km/h.
High 32° / Low 27°
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Sunny skies. High 32C. Winds WSW at 10 to 15 km/h.
High 32° / Low 26°